Want to know about different types of anti vibration tables?

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Are you looking for anti vibration tables? Then there are various tables present in the market. The selection of the table is made on the basis of the environment. The requirement of the tables can vary from one environment to another. The tables should have a tendency to reduce the vibrations of the tools. The manufacturing of the tables is done for the purpose. There is placing of the granite surface over the table. The granite surface automatically measures the frequency of vibrations and reduces them. The anti vibration table is used in the laboratories and industrial units. The manufacturing of different tables varies from each other.

Different types of anti vibration tables

There is more than one type of table used for reducing the vibrations of the tools.

  • Tables with Elastometris material
  • Tables with Air springs
  • Tables with Auto-Levelling the vibrations

Anti vibration table with an elastomeric material

The tables are made from Elastometric sheets. The surface of the table is covered at the top and bottom with the sheets. The using of the sheets depends upon the frequency of the vibrations. Most of the vibrations are managed to arise out of heavy motors in the industrial areas. The sheets have the efficiency to reduce the vibrations and efficient working of the tools. The vibration reduction through the tables will be reduced after using the sheets at the top and bottom of the surface.

Anti vibration table with Air springs

As the name suggests, the vibrations are reduced through spacing for air below the surface. The working of the waves of the hammer is diminished through the tables. The Air springs measure the accuracies of the vibrations. The cost of the tables is economical. The person has not to spend more money on their manufacturing or purchasing. The vibrations from heavy machines can be reduced through the tables.

Anti vibration table with Auto-levelling

The surface of the table will be auto-adjusted as per the frequencies. They tend to measure the frequency of vibrations. The load of the machine is detected, and the vibrations of the tools are reduced. It is one of the demanding tables for reducing vibrations.