Some mind-blowing facts about the planning of your retirement

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Have a good retirement plan is necessary for the better living and future of you and your offspring. Sooner you decide to get yourself a good retirement custodians, the better off you will be by the time the golden years of your life come around. Just like any major decision of your life, you would want to do a good amount of research just so you don’t end up regretting something that could have been so much better had you made a small change. Listed below are some facts you probably didn’t know about retirement planning, so you can help yourself to make a good decision.

You can invest in things other than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

You know a certain piece of land whose price you expect to triple in a few months. You can invest in it tax-free by opening up a self-directed IRA. You can’t do this using any other type of retirement account. The only condition is that the cash should come from the account and the profits will be transferred to that same account. You will be able to freely use that money once you reach the age of almost 60 years

You can have greater control over your retirement funds

If you sign up for a traditional retirement account, you will have to contact your custodian or brokerage firm every time you want to transfer money for investment purposes. With a self-directed IRA, on the other hand, the checkbook model lets you make transactions as and when you please. You can save time by just writing up the check and signing it and you don’t have to worry about your custodian being available on certain days of the week for your transactions.

As you have gone through the facts above, you can now take many advantages of your retirement plan by starting with a self-directed retirement account. A self-directed retirement account has a lot of benefits that are not available in any other type of retirement account. So just start a self-directed account for your retirement and stop taking tension in the future.